Pier Head Models
Chris Hankin (June 2004)

a]The Thane of Fife by Chris Hankin of Pier Head Ships.  Built in 1910  she ran from Granton (Edinburgh) across the Forth to Burntisland in the period immediately before and after the Second World War.  (Model is 1.6” Long)  in London North Eastern Railway livery.

b] Lady of Man 1934

c] St Tudno and St Seiriol


e] Woodside

f] Mona Queen as WWII troopship

I started making a few scratch-builds when I retired just under three years ago - this was re-visiting my childhood.  Like many I'd collected the Triang-Minic ships in the late fifties/early sixties - all but a couple had been lost at sometime. I flirted with Bill Gilpins' lovely Clyde steamers in the seventies - and had amassed a complete set before making a decision to concentrate on model railways. In 2001 I met Les Hodder (of Wirral Miniature ships) at a swapmeet, and after showing him some of my efforts, he suggested I have a go at producing a master and he would try and get a mould of it done for me at his contacts in Germany. 

I had a set of plans for the IOMSP Lady of Mann (again one of my favourites from childhood), and I built a detailed master in late 2001 - I duly sent it to Germany, where it languished for 18 months waiting in a queue behind lots of US demand, and eventually I got fed up waiting and asked for it back.   In the best possible form of pure luck, a friend of my father-in-law, visiting the UK from Australia, was searching for some 7mm model railway castings that he'd seen advertised in an Australian modelling magazine.  The casting (and mould making) guy lived all of two miles from me.  I went round, and two weeks later there was my first ship.  I've very gradually taken over the dining room table whilst my wife's not been looking, and expanded to my present product list.  This is still very much a part time hobby, and I turn out about ten - twenty ships a month, depending on demand