“Other war-time manufacturers of miniature waterline recognition models included such firms as  ... Rowley Workshops Ltd., London; … Palatial Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Epsom; … Stewart Reidpath Ltd, Herne Bay, …” (op.cit. page 33). 

I would interested to hear from anyone who can provide the makers for 52/122 Norfolk, 52/125 Eskimo, 52/393 Egret, 52/697 USS Bogue, or 52/715 Bentley or indeed any information generally about these models. 

Below models by unidentified makers.


52/121   HMS London   Stewart-Reidpath

52/122   HMS Norfolk   ?

52/125   HMS Eskimo   ?

     ?       Lightning Class Destroyer   ?

52/132   HMS Windsor    Bassett-Lowke 

52/231   HMS Chelsea   Palatial Manufacturing

52/249   HMS Halcyon  Rowley

52/393   HMS Egret   Rowley

?         HMS Javelin    ?

52/715   Captain Class Frigate     ?

52/697   USS Bogue   ?Type your paragraph here.

WW2 RAF Ship Recognition Models.

I have a group of similar models by Bassett-Lowke, Palatial Manufacturing, Rowley and Stewart-Reidpath.  They have the numbering 52/~~~ on the underside of the hull or box.  My reason for believing that they are RAF Recognition Models comes from ’Bassett-Lowke: Waterline Ship Models’   by Derek Head, Golden Age Editions, New Cavendish Books Ltd (1996): 
 “The RAF, which also made use of both scales [1/1200 and 1/600] employed a different system [of numbering from that of the Royal Navy].  It numbered all models with a prefix 52/ followed by the ship number and no nationality letter.  Thus the destroyer HMS Eskimo was listed as 52/125; the US Augusta as 52/142; the French carrier Bearn as 52/173 and the Japanese cruiser Natori as 52/166.” (op.cit. pages 24 and 26).