A.J.Halliday and Company Limited produced this series of models from 1933 to the outbreak of war in 1939.  There were a number of different series depending upon material and finish and included metal vessels, as illustrated; a D Series of wooden construction kits with metal cast parts available either as kits or complete and painted; and an E Series available in finished form only.  There was also a lighthouse and lightship, buildings and docks, as well as model cliffs and the Needles Rocks.  The D (kit) Series consisted of eight capital ships, including HMS Malaya, and three liners.  While the E Series of completed vessels included submarines, destroyers and a few merchant ships.

The metal model range was comparatively small, consisting of: a tanker,  a freighter, the cross channel ferry – Canterbury, ,a tug, destroyers of the V and W class and P class submarines. 

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Michele Morciano has a picture of the freighter in his book: Classic Waterline Ship Models.  Interestingly I have three versions of the tanker although I have only seen reference to the merchant navy one.  My two others are painted as either fleet oilers or tankers in wartime livery, one armed and one unarmed.  Both are original paint finishes so have not been repainted or converted.  Michele defines the castings as ‘very neat, showing under the hull a clean mould, and the painting was of relatively good quality: they are nice models’.  They feel lighter than Tremos, and of a brighter and less malleable metal.